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Lost in the Cloud: Navigating the Sometimes Intimidating World of Social Media

By September 17, 2012Blog

When you’re in the business of social media, you get asked a lot of the same questions.  Why should I use Facebook? What is Twitter? Can I get business from social media? Am I too old for this? These are certainly all important questions, but aren’t as important as the how – that is, how do I develop my small business by using social media?

If you have a pulse, you have a brand – you just might not know it.  Whether it’s personal or professional, everyday you wake up, get dressed, walk out the door, and in that moment you become a public brand.  It starts with the clothes you wear, the place you work, and the way you sell yourself or your product to prospective clients but that is just the beginning.

The use of social media is an important tool for business branding, large and small.  In 2012, having Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin profiles for your business is as important as having an office, a secretary, and a copier – they help you to look professional, solicit business, advertise, and develop awareness of your personal brand, and they are all free.

So how should you market yourself and your brand? If you are a real estate agent, talk about your properties, comment on the current environment in your profession, and post articles about the market.  If you are an attorney, discuss cases you’ve won (when not privileged), landmark decisions from the state and national Supreme Courts, and comment on the legal profession.  If you are a retail store, post pictures of your new inventory, ask your clients to post pictures using your product, and introduce your sales team in a personal way.

While these are only a few examples, the professionals at Steward Media can tailor a plan for your specific business, developed by examining and perhaps rebuilding or refocusing your brand.  For more information e-mail us at info@steward-media.com

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