2013 Career Fair with CASA at OU

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OU_CareerFair_optDate: March 14, 2013

Location: Oakland University, Rochester, MI

Guests: 65

Description: West Bloomfield consulting firm Steward Media organized a panel of Chaldean professionals to speak to a group of more than 60 students from the Chaldean American Student Association at Oakland University.

The guest speakers this year included attorneys, a real estate executive, an educator, a doctor, and a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Speakers had three to five minutes to introduce who they are, discuss their careers, and offer advice to provide students with insight on how they ended up where they are today.

Attorney Jalal Dallo of the Dallo Law Firm told students they should place a premium on education and do well in school, so they are prepared for any field they enter.  He explained, ?Never feel like you are wasting time pursuing education, as time will always pass.?

CASA President Lauren Kallabat said the following of Mr. Dallo’s presentation:

“I’ve often heard a quote from Woody Allen thrown around, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.’ That quote kept popping up in my head as Mr. Dallo spoke. Although he was convinced that he would pursue a number of other various fields, he found himself changing his mind and ultimately pursuing a law degree.”

“His message that time will pass no matter what you are doing really got to me. He’s right, no matter what you’re doing… the amount of time that you think is inconceivably long will pass.  So, the excuse of ‘taking too long’ isn’t valid. There isn’t a time limit on achieving dreams. If you have the passion and dedication, any amount of time spent to achieve your dream is well worth it.”

Ziad Kassab was the last speaker of the career fair.  A month prior, CASA at OU held a benefit fashion show at Shenandoah Country Club in West Bloomfield and the D-MAN Foundation, of which Kassab serves as the CEO, was the benefactor.  Unbeknownst to Kassab, CASA’s executive board presented D-MAN with a check in the amount of $13,575.  It was a wonderful way to close out an impactful session for the students and the speakers.

“I loved it. I love to see how the students and community come together.  They are the leaders of the future.  They represent where we came from, and I always enjoy giving whatever advice I can give to them, and am happy to speak in front of them,” said Kassab.

“I am proud of Derek for his leadership and am proud of the board for OU CASA.  Words cannot describe how moved we were by the check presented for the D-MAN Foundation.  For young people to step up to the plate, and for the students to give back means a lot.  I think it opened a lot of eyes as to what the community can do if we come together,” he added.

2013 Speakers:
Philanthropist Ziad Kassab
Attorney Jalal Dallo
Physician Christine S. Shina, M.D.
Educator Crystal Jabiro
Attorney Dalia Rasha Kejbou
Attorney and Businessman Christopher Barbat

Event Coordinated By:
Steward Media
For more information call 248.521.2900 or email info@steward-media.com

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