7 Sins of Social Media

September 16, 2013 / BY / IN Blog

Every good social media campaign requires a good strategy.  We often get caught in the trend of what other companies are doing that we forget our own path. It’s important to take a step back sometimes and reflect on what your message is, and what it should be.  We cannot get off track.

Here are seven sins social media managers deal with, and how to reset your course.

Misappropriation.  We know it’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon for certain breaking news stories.  However, just because something happens does not mean you have to post about it on behalf of your brand.  There is a difference between being clever and being annoying.  The saying any content is good content is false.  Keep it tied in with your brands pulse.

Abandonment.  This happens when a post has been made by the brand, and then the brand drops re-engagement completely. You should never neglect any of your posts on social media.  Engagement does not just stop when you post something. You have to follow-up and respond to users who post questions or comments.

Manipulation.  You should not be posting to social media networks for the sake of posting something.  Many companies miss this.  You need to have a content strategy.  Post things that will inspire people.  And, if you ask for likes or comments, do something with them—like a giveaway or incentive. This will deepen consumer relationships.

Ignorance.  Often we forget to study the terms of service on each social media platform.  For example, you cannot ask Facebook users to share a post as part of a contest entry, and you cannot use Instagram photos in advertisements without consent. If you’re not following the rules, you will get suspended.  Post carefully.

Monotony.  This will drive your followers away real quick.  They are not interested in reading the same posts with one word change.  Users are quicker to judge than this.  Give them content that validates their passion.  Get creative with it.  If you need inspiration, do some research.  But, remember to keep it on brand.

Narcissism.  Bigger is not always better.  Placing your logo on every piece of content is not going to emphasize your creative brand; rather makes you look like a personified advertisement.  There’s a time and place to stamp your logo on your content.

Uniformity.  Different networks work well for different objectives. Use each platform uniquely.  Don’t cross-post the same thing every time; look at how you can make a bigger impact.  Compare and contrast which posts get the most hits. Different networks work well for different objectives. Although this requires a little more work, it’s worth it.

Now that you are aware of these seven sins of social media, do your best to stay away from them!  Get a good strategy for your company or have Steward Media assist you to perfect your social media plan.  Give us a call at 248.702.5501 or email us at info@steward-media.com.

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