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Date: February 7, 2020

Location: Michigan State University College of Law

Participants: 100+

Description: The Art of Networking Workshop at Michigan State University College of Law

Derek was honored to share The Art of Networking Workshop with the students of Michigan State University’s College of Law. His presentation, highlighting the college’s seasonal career fair, equipped the students with newfound skills to network with possible employers on campus. 

During his hour long workshop, Derek focused on teaching the students how to identify, build, and maintain a professional network using his winning strategy for successful networking at the highest level.

Professor Valentine McNally, Director of Trial Advocacy at the University, had this to say about the keynote, “Derek Dickow’s Art of Networking presentation is a must-see for every professional. From practical tips to new strategies, Derek’s presentation is designed for those hoping to succeed at the next level in business. I am thrilled we could bring him to Michigan State University College of Law so that our students could learn more about the importance of building and maintaining relationships to enhance their professional growth. I look forward to having Derek back again.”   

Student Nick Ward added, “Derek Dickow’s presentation on the “Art of Networking” simplified a difficult task. His system, generated through thousands of networking events, has proven successful time and time again. He was able to effortlessly relay his methods to an inexperienced group of networkers in a way that didn’t appear intimidating. His philosophy that 75% of networking should be done before the event really takes the pressure off of the day of the event. I can’t wait to put his methods to the test!”


For teams needing assistance in networking and relationship building, please contact derek@derekdickow.com.

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