Action Movie Kid meets Kids Kicking Cancer

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Date: October 14, 2015

Location: Southfield, MI

Description: Action Movie Kid made a visit to Kids Kicking Cancer on Wednesday, October 14. The four year old YouTube sensation has videos with over 100,000,000 views, has been in commercials, has recently published his first book aptly named: Action Movie Kid, and just signed a movie deal with FOX.

Paula Tutman, from WDIV’s Channel 4, spent time with the students as Action Movie Kid shared his story and the students shared theirs. All the children learned new ways to channel inner peace and fight against pain.

“Well what these kids do, they imagine a lot of things through their treatments, their painful treatments. They’re scared,” said the mother of Action Movie Kid, Mandy Richardville. “They’ve got a lot of things going on that they’re not comfortable with so here they learn to take in the good energy and push out the bad stuff. They learn how to manage their pain by choosing whether or not to accept the message their body is telling them about what hurts.”

Kids Kicking Cancer, an organization based in Southfield, MI, has served over 6,000 children in seven countries over sixteen years. They teach kids (both with cancer and their siblings) how to manage pain through martial arts, breathing techniques, and meditation. Their mantra is simple: “Helping sick kids fight back through power, peace & purpose.”

Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, founder and international director of Kids Kicking Cancer, said “Thank you so much for coordinating the Action Movie Kid’s visit to our Kids Kicking Cancer children.  Our little martial arts heroes had a wonderful time.  Clearly Steward Media is a very well run, focused and media savvy agency.  You produced great results making the job look easy!”

Steward Media was honored to connect these two wonderful organizations and encourages you to support Kids Kicking Cancer and Action Movie Kid. Thank you to SAS Global for sponsoring the event.

Click below to see the video.

Action Movie Kid


Watch the video below to hear what it was like for the Action Movie Family to meet everyone at Kids Kicking Cancer and the Childrens Hospital of Michigan!


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