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Date: March 15, 2017

Location: Bingham Conference Center, Bingham Farms, MI

Participants: 130+

Description: Professionals from around Metro-Detroit attended “The Art of Networking,” on Wednesday, March 15, 2017, as part of Farbman Group’s C-Series.  “The Art of Networking” is a presentation by Derek Dickow to help individuals be more effective at the next conference, engaging at a chamber of commerce event, and gain confidence to stand out in any crowd.

Over 130 professionals filled the conference room with standing room only to hear from the “master of networking” and learn important tips to make lasting connections. Derek shared his strategies for effective networking, and proven industry secrets to help people win in business.

Tom Rowe, of Interior Environments, found the presentation practical and helpful. “I am so happy I attended ‘The Art of Networking’! I gained a lot of insight and Derek has a good understanding of the subject. He has a keen, sharp mind and a passion for excellence!” 

Andy Gutman, president of Farbman Group, asked Derek to be a featured speaker and found the presentation particularly helpful and valuable. “We had a great event today. We asked Derek to speak at our C-Series event, which is an event we put on for our clients as a way to add value, and the value Derek added today, teaching people about networking, was unbelievable. I’m personally not a comfortable networker, and after listening to Derek today, I feel so much better about it. I would recommend ‘The Art of Networking’ to everyone because we all have the need to meet people, grow our business, and really just make connections. What Derek presents is fantastic. Everyone can use it.”

Derek provided practical advice, interactive applications, and answered questions from the audience. He gave specific strategies on how to prepare for a networking event, perform at the event, and make connections last. Members of the audience were also given a workbook to reference before future events.

“The presentation brought to mind some things I hadn’t thought about.  Most of the information I knew, but, some of which I haven’t been practicing.  When you get into a comfortable routine, getting ‘back to basics’ is something we need to be reminded to do,” said Keith Bunetta of Evolution AVS. “When you are new, you do things ‘by the book’, the way you were instructed to do it.  Then, as you get ‘seasoned’, or, ‘comfortable’, one tends to skip some of the steps, leading to less performance, over all. I am, definitely, glad I participated.  It was well worth my time.”

We are grateful to Farbman Group for this opportunity. For more on Farbman Group, click here!

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About Farbman Group C-Series
Farbman Group started the C-Series in the Fall of 2013. The C-Series is a professional development program that provides “an opportunity for C-level executives to connect, collaborate, and enhance their professional competencies.” The series allows professionals in the area to make meaningful connections and partnerships.


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