Career Fair for CASA at Oakland University

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Date: March 22, 2012

Location: Oakland University, Rochester, MI

Guests: 60

Description: This was a successfully executed event organized by Steward Media for the students of the Chaldean American Student Association at Oakland University. More than sixty students heard from several successful Chaldean professionals.

Our guest speakers included an attorney, business entrepreneur, CPA, two doctors, financial advisor, pharmaceutical sales rep, professional speaker and life coach and teacher.

The speakers had three to five minutes to introduce themselves and provide students insight on how they arrived to their career and offered advice.

“I am proud of Derek Dickow, of Steward Media, and CASA for what they are accomplishing and it was truly an honor to speak to the youth and “future” of our community. The students were all respectful and great listeners and I would welcome the opportunity to speak again anytime. Great work Derek and GOD BLESS the “future” of Chaldeans. – Ziad Kassab of Guardian Angels.

“If you’re looking for an event planner that can not only create a memorable, successful event, but change lives in the process, look no further than Derek Dickow and Steward Media. If it’s money you need to raise for your organization, call Derek. If it’s lives you want changed in the process, keep him on speed dial.” – Cheri Najor of Center for Peak Performance

Students have commented on the success of the event including:

“I was looking to branch out for new ideas for our member meetings. I was looking for a way to help the students of my organization reach out and recognize the success of our Chaldean community. Derek Dickow, of Steward Media, our executive board, and I put together a successful Career Fair, which many of my members enjoyed and have given positive feedback.

I also enjoyed this event and found it helpful for my future accounting career. I was able to network with a current successful CPA who was giving advice on possible options upon graduation next month. Many of the other students were also networking with other professionals that spoke at this event, and they found it helpful as well for their future careers. A huge thanks to Derek Dickow of Steward Media for allowing Oakland University CASA to partake in such a wonderful opportunity to enhance our future success!”

Chanel Shina, President of CASA at OU
Major: Accounting
Expected Date of Graduation: April, 2012

“The Career Day hosted by Derek Dickow, of Steward Media, was an extremely motivational and inspirational event. It gave confidence to the students who felt lost and determination for those who already knew what they were going into. The speeches were touching and the speakers were tremendously helpful!”

Name: Alina Georges
Major: Bachelor of Science in Biology
Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

2012 Speakers:

Melody Arabo, Teacher
Alexander Ayar, Attorney
Sindel Hamama, Pharmeceutical Sales Rep
Ziad Kassab, Business Entrepreneur
Dr. Peter Gumma
Dr. Tamara Acho
Steven Kuza, Financial Planner
Dawsar Najor, CPA
Cheri Najor, Professional Speaker

Event Coordinated By: Steward Media

For more information call 248.521.2900 or email

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