CNN Heroes: Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program

June 9, 2017 / BY / IN Blog

CNN Heroes 2017 is featuring a Detroit based non-profit organization, the Downtown Boxing Gym (DBG), founded by Detroit native, Coach Khali Sweeney. Five days a week, more than 100 children are picked up from school and brought to his gym, where they receive free tutoring, dinner and boxing lessons within a safe haven from the tough streets of Detroit.  This non-profit organization helps its students start to develop strong values and discipline by combining a demanding boxing program with strong academic support and a connection to the community through voluntary service.

The Downtown Boxing Gym is dependent on generosity and donations to help keep the program running and expand the amount of students they help — the waiting list currently exceeds 500 students.  As part of the coverage, CNN Heroes has created a special Crowdrise page that you can donate to just for the boxing gym. They’re trying to raise $60,000 to bring 20 more Detroit students into the full-year after-school academic and athletic program.

If you feel led to donate, click here!

You can watch the full CNN story here:



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