Eat 2 Live

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Date:  March 29, 2012

Location: Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church, Highland Park, MI

Guests:  60

Description:  This was a successful event organized by Pastor D. Alexander Bullock of the Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church in Highland Park, MI for his parishioners.  More than sixty heard from Steward Media’s Founder Derek Dickow and Glenn McIntosh, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Oakland University.

The topic for the workshop was entitled, “Eat 2 live” and focused on making positive eating choices.  Light was shed on the amount of refined sugar the average American consumes daily, and that sugar, now viewed by many researchers in the same class as a narcotic, is what is killing most Americans.

Mr. McIntosh, a former Mr. Michigan and all around fitness guru, gave the audience a few ideas to promote a healthier lifestyle.  He reinforced that the average adult needs to consume at least a half a gallon of water or more daily.

We look forward to planning other workshops.  Contact our office directly if you are interested in participating or hosting one.

“The Eat 2 Live workshop was well-attended and highly interactive.  Attendees were provided practical nutrition and fitness information to be applied in their daily lives.  They were amazed to see illustrations of the amount of sugar the average Americans annually consumes and how large a five-pound fat mass looks!  Also, strategies to combat diseases common in urban areas, particularly among African Americans, were revealed.  The workshop definitely exposed participants to cultural eating traditions that kill rather than heal!”

Glenn McIntosh, M.A., L.P.C.
Dean of Students–Oakland University
Mr. Michigan Bodybuilding Champion

Event Coordinated By:

Pastor D. Alexander Bullock and Derek Dickow

For more information call 248.521.2900 or email

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