Grammar Matters

September 3, 2013 / BY / IN Blog

Believe it or not, the importance of proper grammar has gotten lost in the shuffle now more than ever.  People are transferring their shorthand text messages and emails into their real life conversations.  This should not be happening.

Watching the shift to real time digital communication has had a serious affect on the way people present ideas. New media does not seem to be concerned with editing and proofreading, social media users don’t seem know the difference between your and you’re; and even publishers seem to be fine with an increase of typos, misused words, and grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

According to one survey, poor grammar/ spelling is the misbehavior most likely to damage consumer opinion of a brand in social media.   Did you hear that?  Who is going to trust a brand that makes mistakes?

Granted, everyone makes a typo here and there.  We’re human.  However, make sure it’s not happening all the time.  It’s time to bring back the proper grammar etiquette we learned in school for many years, and not to lose the traditions of the English language.

In terms of marketing, these small mistakes can leave lasting impressions on your brand’s reputation.  So, what can we do to avoid these errors?

1.     Spell check.  Although this is obvious, there’s more to it than running the spell check on Microsoft Word.  Actually make sure you are using the correct words.  Don’t confuse it’s and its or their and they’re.

2.    Have someone else read your work.  By the time you have finished writing something, it’s hard to see your own mistakes.  Sometimes, there are missing words, sentence fragments, and other errors you have filled in in your head.  Someone else can find these and point them out to you.

3.    Check your grammar.  You can do this yourself, or have someone who is in the writing or language field help you.  They will know the rules and make sure you are following them.

4.    Be thankful when someone points out an error on your website.  Then, fix it immediately.  As mentioned, errors could cost you.

It’s important to be very precise when submitting work on behalf of your company.  When in doubt, re-read.  If Steward Media can help to showcase your company and all that it offers, give us a call or send us an email at

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