Jewish & Chaldean Partnership Event Draws Governor, 250 Community Leaders

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Jewish & Chaldean Partnership Event Draws Governor, 250 Community Leaders
Interfaith Dialogue at Tam-O-Shanter Works to Unite Communities for Collective Achievemen

WEST BLOOMFIELD – On Thursday, October 4, nearly 250 leaders from the Metropolitan Detroit Jewish and Chaldean communities came together at Tam-O-Shanter Country Club in West Bloomfield for a joint dialogue on politics, shared values, and a common vision for the state of Michigan.  Joined by Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Robert Schostak, and BELFOR C.E.O. Sheldon Yellen, the group supported Republican Nominee for State Representative Klint Kesto, and sparked a discussion on the value of bridge building.

“It was inspiring to see this group of elected officials, prominent leaders from our communities, and many young adults come together and take a step forward in efforts to find common ground and collaborate politically.  I’m proud of the initiative taken by Chaldean leaders like my friend Klint Kesto, and with the help and guidance of our Jewish brothers and sisters there’s no telling what we can accomplish, together,” said Derek Dickow, Founder of business development consulting firm Steward Media.

The event, produced by Steward Media’s Dickow and Vice President of Strategic Consultation Ryan Fishman, began with a dialogue in Mr. Yellen’s office.  The three saw the need for a community dialogue on political unity, and began to lay the foundation for this event, which brought together Jewish and Chaldean leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, for what will be ultimately just a first, positive step in that direction.

“We wanted to showcase all that our communities have in common and spark a conversation that resonates across party lines.  As a group we are business owners and professionals with concerns at the state level, but we also have international interests in our shared homeland that remains in jeopardy.  It’s important to have a dialogue like this because we truly are better together,” said Fishman

The joint fundraiser brought in more than $30,000 for Kesto, but merely serves as a starting point for this collaboration.  With Mr. Yellen’s help, Dickow and Fishman will host a 60-person town hall at Tam-O-Shanter in the coming weeks, aimed at collecting concerns and comments from prospective participants in this growing initiative.  From there they will plan events of political, cultural, and religious significance to attract a large population of community minded Jewish and Chaldean activists.

There is no immediate goal for the initiative, other than to promote interfaith relationships in a positive and meaningful way that benefits young leaders, like Kesto, who have found a way to become engaged with their peers and take the message of their neighborhoods to a broader audience for the good of all involved.

All media inquiries and interview requests may be sent to Derek Dickow at or on his cell, 248-521-2900.

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