Klint Kesto Speech at Roosevelt High School

February 14, 2014 / BY / IN Blog, Event Management

Date: February 14, 201439

Venue: Roosevelt High School, Hazel Park

Guests: 100

Description:  CABA member and Michigan State Representative Klint Kesto speaks to students in a new program focusing on leadership.

On Friday, February 14, 2014, State Representative Kesto addressed over 100 students at Roosevelt High School in Hazel Park. Representative Kesto shared pearls of wisdom in regards to leadership and opportunity.

Students were engaged in his talk and portions were translated into Arabic and Chaldean by principal Asaad Kalasho as 95% of the students are from Chaldean households at the alternative school. “Many of our students had lapses in their schooling due to their struggles in their native land. Some of our students might be 18 years old, but haven’t been in a classroom in two years and those are challenges we must overcome in our schools,” said Kalasho, who also runs Grace Elementary for students in first to eighth grade nearby.

Kesto encouraged students to seek any profession of interest while furthering their education. He encouraged them to become an electrician, an architect, a scientist, an engineer or a construction worker and so on. “Not everyone needs to become a doctor or lawyer to be successful,” he assured them. “But if you think small you stay small, similarly, if you think big you will become big.”

Thoughts to consider: Some students at Roosevelt do not speak English yet as they are refugees transitioning through resettlement. 50% of the student body was born in the US and the others come from war-torn cities in the Middle East. 20 students requested an opportunity to volunteer on Kesto’s reelection campaign later this year. We are seeking more professionals to help shape you minds; please contact info@steward-media.com if you would like to participate in our program. Type “Guest Speaker” in the subject line.KK

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