Lt. Governor Brian Calley Shenandoah Country Club Event

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Date: July 11, 2018

Location: Shenandoah Country Club

Guests: 140+

Description: Brian Calley for Governor

The Hon. Rick Snyder, Governor of the State of Michigan, along with approximately 140 supporters, gathered at the Shenandoah Country Club for an evening reception supporting Lt. Governor Brian Calley, candidate for Governor of Michigan.

The event was produced by Steward Media.

A VIP reception was held for event chairs, co-chairs, esteemed guests, and attendees had the opportunity to meet with Lt. Gov. Calley and Gov. Snyder.

The general reception included remarks from Martin Manna, President of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce and then Gov. Snyder introduced Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

“It’s not about the fight, it’s about the result, about the outcome, and about bringing people together to make good things happen,” Calley said. “That’s been the secret to our success here.  I’m the only candidate representing the continuation of leadership responsible for 540,000 new private sector jobs and 17 year low in unemployment.”

Following the reception, an exclusive dinner with the Lt. Gov.  was held for event chairs, co-chairs, and supporters. Guests enjoyed the intimate dinner with Calley, discussed the future of Michigan, and his pathway to victory.

“I’m honored to co-chair the Southeast Michigan finance team for Lt. Gov. Calley,” said Joe Barbat, CEO of Barbat Holdings.  “This administration has reinvented our state into a thriving economy, and Brian has been a big part of this comeback. I’m proud to support Brian Calley as our next Governor.”

For more information on Calley’s platform, and his plans to drive Michigan to the next level, please visit


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