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July 8, 2013 / BY / IN Blog

What some companies struggle with is the question of how to become personable through online marketing.  From creating customer loyalty to engaging through social media, there are a number of ways to stay friendly when marketing your brand.   As marketers, sometimes we forget that most of our content is being read by other people.  This begins by listening to others.  This is the most underused online marketing tactic.

Too often companies forget that marketing through media is a two-way street.  You can’t expect others to listen to what you have to say if you’re not taking the time to listen to them.  It’s important to think about not only what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it.

Content must be perfectly fitted to your company and all that it stands for.  In a lot of cases, you’ll visit a website or social media page that just isn’t appealing.  If the language doesn’t entice the audience right away, they will move on to something else.  Your content has potential to inform, inspire, influence and motivate—make sure it’s done right.

Here’s how to better your personal approach through online marketing.

1.     Ditch the corporate speak.  Don’t forget that your content is being read by people just like you.  When you piece together your website, blogs, e-newsletters or post to social media, keep that dynamic in mind.  Have a sense of humor.  Apologize when things go wrong.  Remember that people are busy.  Tell them what they need and want to know.  Quite frankly, pretend like you’re communicating one-on-one with your audience.  Whether it’s an email or a tweet, become valuable to your users.  Become a company people can trust.

2.    Be reachable.  Try to find a quick way for your consumers to give you feedback. Make sure readers with a question don’t receive the response, “Do not reply” when they scroll through your e-newsletters.  Ask for their opinion and welcome it even if you didn’t ask.  If customers have a suggestion, make it easy for them to share their ideas on your social media networks.  If customers have a question, respond to them in a timely manner while thanking them for reaching out.  If you do happen to put their idea into motion, don’t forget to let them know. Doing all of these things will turn your readers into loyalists, which is exactly what you want.

3.    Tell your story.  Experts say your “About Us” page is one of the most visited pages on your website and probably the most underused.  Don’t pass up this major opportunity to reflect on all the reasons why people should connect with your business.  Make sure that it informs people who you are and what you can do for them.  It should be a reflection of their needs as a potential customer or follower. Try to keep the content short and sweet.

4.    Further the conversation.  If you’re using social media, it’s important to know your goals.  Determine the reason why you want to have a public conversation with your readers, and then identify the top platforms that can help you with that communication.  You should be where your users are.  A large Pinterest profile isn’t going to help you if most of your users are on Twitter.  Go for the one that aligns with your objective.

As consumers, we know the importance of having a personable website or digital marketing profile.  What many don’t realize is that websites set the tone of the company.  They can be the first and last impression, so we must make it a good one. If Steward Media can help showcase all your company has to offer, give us a call, or send us an email here.

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