New Job Opening: Front Desk Associate

April 24, 2017 / BY / IN Blog

A Farmington Hills hotel is seeking to immediately fill the position of Front Desk Associate with a qualified candidate. 

Overall Responsibilities

  • Be accountable for all transactions performed during your scheduled shift and correctly follow banking-out and shift closing procedures.
  • Responsible for keeping work areas safe and clean.
  • Provide accurate, descriptive hotel and city information to all callers. Be knowledgeable of hours of operation for all hotel facilities.
  • Have a thorough understanding of all guestroom locations and their amenities.
  • Handle mail and messages per prescribed procedure.
  • Constantly practice teamwork; Set a good example of responsibility and adherence to company policy for others to follow and establish a positive image.
  • Know and be able to carry out specified duties in the event of a fire alarm, bomb threat, guest or employee medical emergency, and system failure.
  • Answer phones promptly in a polite and professional manner using the standard phraseology. Use associate’s name when answering all in-house calls. Responsibility for routing incoming calls to the right department, guestroom, meeting room, or other facilities.
  • Has comprehensive understanding of PBX console and its functions.
  • Responsible for recording and entering all wake-up requests in the Wake-up machine and logging VIP wake-ups on the master log. Responsible for guests get their wake-up calls at the requested time.
  • Responsible for receiving and delivery of guest and administrative faxes; following the guidelines outlined in the fax manual.
  • Be knowledgeable about the voice mail system and assist guests with usage and message retrieval.
  • Handles all messages with correct spelling, making sure the message light is turned on and delivers all messages by phone making sure the message light is turned off.
  • In-charge of the paging system and the two-way radio in the Communications office.
  • Ensure that all problems and guest complaints are resolved and logged on the Guest Service Request Log and relayed to the supervisor.
  • Responsible for advising immediately all departments concerned and the Fire Department (911) when the Fire Panel goes off following our Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Responsible for receiving and connecting hearing impaired telephone calls.
  • Assist in installing and picking up phones, speaker phones in/from meeting rooms, guest rooms and other public areas.
  • Read and understand the USA Patriot Act.

Essential Functions

  • Language skills: Have the ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules (i.e., Lockout Tagout, JSA’s), safety awareness information (MSDS), operation and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. Ability to keep logs and to speak effectively to customers and associates.
  • The Courtyard by Marriott San Jose Campbell functions seven days a week, 24 hours a day. All associates must realize this fact and be aware that at times it may be necessary to move an associate from their accustomed shift as business demands. In addition, it is understood that business and weather determines the amount of hours that are worked and that some weeks may be scheduled at less than 40 hours and other weeks at more than 40 hours.
  • Use aggressive hospitality skills, which include:
    • Smile and Greet every Guest.
    • Speak to the guest in a warm, friendly and courteous manner.
    • Display genuine and enthusiastic interest in the guest, pay complete attention.
    • Anticipate guest needs and be flexible in responding to them.
    • Be knowledgeable about your job.
  • LEARN to take ownership of guest problems and resolve them.
  • Report to work station at your scheduled time, being prepared to commence all assigned duties.
  • Perform all job requests assigned by management in which the associate is capable.
  • Maintain a well groomed, professional appearance and attitude at all times.
  • When customers enter your operation, acknowledge their presence immediately with a smile and greeting. Use the guest’s name at least once in an interaction and practice the principles of Aggressive Hospitality.
  • Anticipate guest needs and offer assistance.
  • Responsible for running the fosse Arrivals Report and pre check-in any Marriott Rewards Elite members coming in for the day.
  • Be aware of the needs for all groups arriving daily; understand how to use the “Daily Smart Starts”.
  • Follow proper procedures for check acceptance; check cashing, cash handling, and establishing guest credit.
  • Follow proper check-in and check-out procedures, concentrating on the guest needs in a polite, efficient manner.
  • Know and understand present rates and proper selling procedure.
  • Have knowledge of any and all promotions and/or current programs (i.e. Marriott Rewards, Hotel Packages) etc.
  • Be always ready to show a room to a guest.

For consideration, please submit your resume by email to with the subject line “Front Desk Associate”.

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