Nick Yeldo Speaks at Roosevelt High School

March 14, 2014 / BY / IN Blog, Event Management

Nick YeldoDate: March 14, 2014

Venue: Roosevelt High School, Hazel Park MI

Guests: 200

Description: On Friday March 14, 2014, Dr. Nick Yeldo visited INVEST Roosevelt High School in Hazel Park MI, for a talk to over 200 students about his career and his journey to success.

Dr. Yeldo graduated from Wayne State University and was the first Chaldean to be admitted to the residency program at Harvard University in Boston. Dr. Yeldo influenced many students on their life goals and he inspired them in many ways. “It’s never to late to become something”, Yeldo says. Although he was scheduled to speak for 30 minutes, Dr. Yeldo spent two and a half hours with the students.

He answered several questions students had for him and one topic many were interested was in regards to smoking hookah. Dr. Yeldo gave health tips and explained how bad it was “…studies show in a single session it’s equivalent to smoking over 200 cigarettes”. Many students now heard officially how bad the smoke was and how much damage it causes to your body after having a verbal confirmation from a doctor.

He closed the session giving many students his email address for any questions they may have for him and if they need any help in the future.NY

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