Panel Discussion: The Marketability of A Humanities Degree

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Date: January 24, 2019

Location: Oakland University

Guests: 50+ Humanities Students


Description: Students at Oakland University find that they often have a hard time understanding the significance of their degree, and what they are capable of doing with it. Derek Dickow, one of four featured panelists and alumni of the University, spoke to humanities students about the marketability of their degrees.

The event took place on January 24, 2019 from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM and provided students with valuable insight into what is possible with a humanities degree. The workshop was sponsored by Kevin Corcoran, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences who encouraged students to keep an open mind before the panel began. The panelists discussed resume development, sharpening marketable skills, and how to best position themselves for future employment.

After the moderated discussion led by Carol Anne Ketelsen, Career Consultant for CAS, the panelists took turns working in small groups with the students. They shared advice and insight about their career path; as well answering questions on a variety of topics. By not only speaking to the group as a whole, but also working one on one, the panelists and students were able to ask questions on a more personal level.

Ms. Ketelsen of added “We (OU) have a difficult time helping students understand the value of their degree, the skills they are obtaining from their courses, how to market themselves, and persuading them to gain additional experience outside of internships and volunteer work. By having successful Oakland University Alumni speaking to the students, Derek was able to impart on the students the skills that he has utilized in running Steward Media.”

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