Three Clever Ways to Drive Up Check-ins and Brand Awareness

February 4, 2013 / BY / IN Blog

Posted on February 4, 2013  

Want customers to check-in at your business on Facebook, helping to promote your brand to their friends, without being too pushy? Here’s three clever ways to drive up check-ins and brand awareness:

1. Discounts

Create your own discount incentive through the use of check-ins. Offer customers 10% off their bill when they check in, and before they order ask them to show their check-in to their waiter using their smart phone. Your waiter can then mark the discount without a paper coupon, saving money (and trees).

The more you “invest” in this type of marketing, the more customers will feel connected to you and be comfortable sharing your business with their friends and network. You could even create a loyalty system based on check-ins. If someone checks in three times, give them a free appetizer of dessert. In an economic recession, who would say no?

2. Get Crafty

Promote your business and its online brand with something a little less digital… a large banner. They work both inside and outside of your business, and they won’t go unnoticed. Prospective customers might scroll past a post online, but they can’t just ignore a big sign. When you put your deals right in someone’s face, they won’t walk past it.

3. Free Stuff

If your online brand is new, or if your business is new, this is a great technique to bring in a large number of customers. Offer something free to the first 100 people who check-in at your busies. That number can vary and the technique works for any type of business, from restaurants (a free dessert) to running stores (free socks).

This tactic can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Don’t give away the expensive goods. You could always contact Steward Media to print your logo on a bottle of water and give that away. Stickers for logos are also a cheap way to make any item a promotion item for your business, and you can even advertise your Facebook presence on the label.

Any of these techniques are easy and efficient, and even versatile. Any company can manipulate these techniques to make them work for you – so mold them into the perfect strategy for your business or have Steward Media help you make them work. Our business development consultants are ready to give you a free consultation on your business today. Simply call 248-521-2900.

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