The Value of LinkedIn

June 3, 2013 / BY / IN Blog

As the largest social network dedicated to promoting professionals, LinkedIn is the network.  Companies looking to expand their horizons and connect with others for potential clients and new hires are looking to LinkedIn first. The game has changed.

What’s different about LinkedIn is that it caters specifically to business professionals.  The ever- popular network portrays accessibility at its finest, to say the least. With the click of a mouse, one can find all that they are looking for within their home page.

LinkedIn has 10 years and 200 million members worldwide.  There are a million groups on LinkedIn today.

Compared to other social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is the only serious network dedicated to managing your career.  An invitation to “join my professional network” has become more effective and useful than resumes and business cards.  With the contacts, announcements, ‘lost touch’ and recent conversations features, everything is within reach.

Maintaining a business edge, members on LinkedIn include people such as your clients, your competitors, your colleagues and your boss.  People who are members usually already have jobs.  They use it to research clients before meetings, ask their connections for advice or share their company’s interests.  The network highlights your professional skills and experience, sort of like an online portfolio or resume.

The website allows sharing presentations, photos, documents and links in status updates.  The difference is they’re business-related. You’re going to see something useful, inspiring or educational.  This opens an opportunity to engage with people you are connected to.

According to The Realtime Report, LinkedIn is the most important platform for business-to-business marketers.

What most users like about LinkedIn is that it shares news from people they know and their connections. They are engaged, interested and relevant.  Some have even called it “the perfect morning newspaper.”  A source from Forbes shared that the way to be smart at work is to take a look at LinkedIn before turning up to the office.

“I think Steward Media did an amazing job with my LinkedIn campaign.  Although it does not happen overnight, it’s going to attract business for sure. I would absolutely refer them to anybody.  I wouldn’t think twice about using any other company” Mike Shihadeh, Owner, Sam Michael’s Menswear.

LinkedIn is as important of a resource as ever when it comes to making connections in the business world.  Steward Media would like to offer you a month FREE worth of assisting with your LinkedIn campaign, making connections with members relevant to you and your company.  Give us a call at 248.521.2900, or e-mail us at

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