When Events Meet Social Media

July 15, 2013 / BY / IN Blog

With the help of social media, the future of events has advanced in more ways than one.  Now, there are new ways to organize events, with even more unveiled each day.   The dynamic has changed as more people understand the value of social media and integrate it into their lives to promote their services, plan and promote events, and bring conversation around from the digital world to real life.

When it comes to events, social media platforms can go hand-in-hand.   For example, making social media part of the event itself takes it a step further.  Partnering with platforms such as Foursquare holds a number of opportunities.  People can check in to the event and event managers are able to offer tips to attendees, recommend activities or drinks, badges, and sponsorships.

The goal is to engage attendees in conversation before, during and after the event.  This is a creative approach that utilizes social media throughout the entire process.  By inviting guests to become more interactive, they will feel as they are a large part of the event rather than just a guest.  People like to be involved in the bigger picture.  A pattern has begun within sharing and interacting with those who are at event and even those who are not.

Another approach to social media within events is offering an incentive or giveaway on a specific network for spreading the word and sharing your content.  Guests can have the chance to win something such as an entry, special passes or a gift.  This creates buzz about the event as well as excitement on the guests’ behalf.  Twitter and/or Facebook are good networks for this angle.

Twitter is a great tool for events. People will often look to Twitter first when looking at venues, a photographer, DJ, cake master, florist, etc.  Whatever it may be, you name it, and someone on Twitter can probably help you reach a decision.

As an untapped resource, Twitter builds your business and your reputation.  Even if you aren’t planning and promoting your own event, by promoting other events in the city, or even giving shout outs to other companies, you will develop strong relationships with other businesses, leading them to do the same for you.

Hashtags help out a great deal as well.  Create one for your event and use it consistently.  Encourage people to start using it early whenever they talk about your event.  They can be used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, suggest for participants to upload their own photos including them.

Keep in mind; events are a reflection of the company as a whole.  Whether they are seen as the highlight event of the year or the worst of the year, it’s the company who gets recognized. Often times, managers forget this.  Make sure to keep an updated blog or website with photos and videos as a showcase to your audience.

From marathons to fundraisers and product launches, marketers are using social media to grow their brand, amplify their events and drive attendance. As you have probably realized, it’s working.  For more information on how Steward Media can help you use these skills to connect social media with your guests at events, give us a call at 248.521.2900 or email us at info@steward-media.com.

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